Dutch ISBN search

2.5million books processed from titelbank.nl

If the books is found it returns an object:

      "ISBN": "string", 
      "Title": "string", -- the title, or all titles 
                            concatinated with comma or empty if missing
      "Subtitle": "string",
      "Description": "string",
      "CoverThumb": "string", -- base64 data/image url that you can 
                                 directly display, resized to 200x200, 
                                 or empty if missing
      "LanguageCode": "string", -- iso699-1 language 
                                   code (en,nl,fr..etc) or "xx" if missing
      "Subjects": [
        "string" -- array of strings of book's subjects according
                    to their NUR code, could be empty array
      "Authors": [
          "Name": "string"


$ curl -s https://www.booknomads.com/api/v0/isbn/9789000010134 | json_pp
   "LanguageCode" : "nl",
   "Title" : "Tobbe",
   "CoverThumb" : "....",
   "Description" : "",
   "ISBN" : "9789000035526",
   "Subtitle" : "",
   "Subjects": ["Fictie 13-15 jaar"],
   "Authors" : [
         "Name" : "M.  Engstrom"
         "Name" : "B.  Custers"
the image you can directly embed in <img>'s src attribute <img src="...."> like so:

Try it out at https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/BookNomads/book_by_isbn/1.0.0

Error handling

When error occurs we return json object with http status code: 500, the object contains only type and error fields
type the exception class
error error message


curl -s http://localhost:4569/api/v0/isbn/123123123123 | json_pp
   "type" : "IllegalArgumentException",
   "error" : "isbn [123123123123] not found"


We will keep extending the object without changing any existing types keeping compatability.


you can contact us at info@booknomads.com

Rate Limit

there is no rate limit at the moment, but please try to keep your requests to less than 5 per second


the API is free and open, use the data however you want, but if you provide a link to https://www.booknomads.com we will be grateful